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AGLAIA Reviews: Dickie Fitz

Dickie Fitz Australian Restaurant in London

What: Dickie Fitz

Where: Fitzrovia, London

Style: Relaxed and sophisticated

Food menu must orders: Order the Tuna Tataki, Pork Ribs, Halibut, and the Rib Burger. Finish with the classic Australian Pavlova and Lamington.

Drinks menu must orders: The White Geisha cocktail is excellent, but go for the Tim Tam Martini or Goon Bag Caipirinha to feel like a truly classy Australian.

Overall Opinion: A welcome change to the London restaurant scene, Dickie Fitz fills an Australian-cuisine shaped hole in the area. Great food in a relaxed setting, with an expectedly interesting Australian-heavy wine list.

Rating: 7/10

Book a table online, or call 020 3667 1445

Dickie Fitz, 48 Newman St, London W1T 1QQ

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