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Stratajet – The World’s First Search Engine For Private Jet Bookings

Stratajet Private Jet Booking Company

Stratajet is the world’s first personal search engine for private jets, a real-time platform offering the simplest way to book a private jet by taking brokers out of the equation and bringing accurate information to the user at the click of a button.

For the first time, prices are fully generated by computers rather than people through an instantaneous booking process, and as such, Stratajet is modernising the private aviation industry, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

While the industry has made gradual improvements in the past few years, even the newest booking platforms remain harnessed to manual processes, which mean restricted choice, estimates and waiting. Stratajet however is the first platform to offer customers a full, bookable list of every available aircraft flying to their destination on any set date. Cost-effective, efficient and convenient, Stratajet offers users a choice from a selection of over 500 aircraft from Europe’s most trusted operators, with that selection expanding all the time.

Utilising groundbreaking technology capable of assessing over 200 variables, Stratajet can accurately confirm the availability and final price of a private jet in a matter of seconds. Thanks to this fully-automated procedure, users can easily view a selection of accurately priced and available jets without the need for a middleman, bookable in three simple steps:

– Enter an origin and destination, from postcode to local landmark, into the Stratajet search engine
– Select from a list of available aircraft, sorted by actual price (no estimates)
– Click “BOOK” and enter payment details

Stratajet also compares the requested route with all existing “empty legs” to see if there is an aircraft flying in the same direction. All new costs are calculated instantly, with efficiency savings passed on directly to the customer as they search. This technology allows Stratajet to make cleverer use of the fleet of aircraft flying around the sky, providing customers with the best value possible.

Find out more on the Stratajet website.

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