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Qubana Cocktail Recipe

When cultures collide, exciting things happen and with many fusion bars stretching flavour boundaries, they can be the perfect setting to cultivate some truly exciting cocktails. This is exactly what happened when quintessentially English soft drink Qcumber met Chotto Matte, the fashionable Nikkei restaurant in the heart of Soho, well known for its Japanese and Peruvian fusion cuisine.

Chotto Matte Qubana

Developed by Chotto Matte’s head mixologist, Fabiano Latham, the Qubana takes cues from Qcumber’s effervescence and vegetal qualities, which bring out the best in a wide range of spirits. The cucumber essence blends perfectly with peach and the very exotic guanabana fruit of Peru, delivering a truly original and refreshing vodka cocktail. The Qubana is available from Chotto Matte for £9, or you can try your hand at cocktail making at home, as we’ve included the recipe below.


35mls Reyka Icelandic vodka
15mls peach liqueur
30mls guanabana purée (can be replaced with peach, mango or strawberry purées)
20mls lime
15mls sugar syrup (1:1 sugar water ratio)
1 slice cucumber muddled


Shake well and strain over ice before topping with Qcumber. Garnish with mint and a cucumber slice.

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