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Swarovski Wearable Tech

misfit swarovski wearable tech

No longer do we have to sacrifice style and sparkle in the name of keeping fit and being more active. With the UP3 launch delayed and no sure sign of it appearing in stores anytime soon, gone was all hope of ever having a stylish wristband with which to calculate our daily routines and sleep patterns, other than the Tory Burch for Fitbit products.

Then Swarovski announced a collaboration with fitness band underdog, Misfit. With Jawbone and Fitbit leading the market, Misfit hasn’t truly had an opportunity to shine, until now. With the ‘activity tracking crystal’, the Misfit x Swarovski collaboration means that women can have a product that is perfectly disguised as a piece of jewellery, either a bracelet or a necklace.

The solar-powered energy crystals track your every movement just like any other activity sensor, and unlike the Tory Burch for Fitbit products, these glisten in the sunlight. They’re ideal for every woman who enjoys keeping fit and healthy while looking at a beautiful piece of jewellery on her wrist.

Sadly some of the pieces, such as the Slake bracelets look cheap and quite tacky, but the necklaces and the Cardoon bracelet ooze elegance, if they are a little on the large size. Sadly the gents are going to have to wait for the UP3 before they have a chance to purchase a stylish piece of wearable tech.

Swarovski for Misfit products are available now online.

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