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Sony Unveil $1,200 ZX2 Walkman

Sony Walkman ZX2

After a rather long leave of absence, the Sony Walkman is back with a bang, and this time you’ll need a few extra bucks for it. Gone are the days when every kid had a Walkman under the Christmas tree, this time Sony are targeting a different market, specifically the high-end market who appreciate how they listen to their music, which is a smart move in this day and age when the music device market is so competitive.

The Sony Walkman ZX2 will have high resolution audio and 128GB capacity, along with a massive 60-hour battery life. The idea behind the device is to convince those who listen to music through their smartphones that in 2015, you can have a device far more powerful that provides you with a much higher quality music-listening experience.

Set to retail at around £950 though, the price point is indeed quite a bit higher than the original TCS 300, but Sony assure us it will be worth the extra expenditure. Not to mention the device also runs Android, so you can download apps and use it in a similar way to a smartphone, however Sony do stress that it is not designed to replace a smartphone.

The new ZX2 will be released in Spring 2015, and is likely to be one of the top must-have gadgets to have for all luxury-loving audiophiles.

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