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5-Star Harbour Grand, Hong Kong

Harbour Grand Kowloon

It isn’t an easy task to be so close to a city centre, yet offer a panoramic view of the city it’s sitting in. Situated on Kowloon island opposite the main island of Hong Kong, the Harbour Grand’s breathtaking views over Hong Kong are certainly impressive, and do the seemingly impossible.

The location is great, naturally it’s much quieter than if the hotel were on the main island, and yet very easy to get across to the island on the ferry, hence they are able to do the impossible: offer stunning views while still being so accessible to the city centre that you don’t even notice that you’re not in the city.

The lobby with it’s grand sweeping staircase and large chandeliers instantly makes your jaw-drop, but unfortunately the rooms are the biggest disappointment. The beds are comfortable, however they feel very business hotel rather than screaming luxury. The room feels slightly dated and could do with a more contemporary refresh.

The breakfast is delicious, with a wide range of different cuisines and the breakfast room overlooking the water and city. In case you hadn’t noticed from my on-going fawning over the sights my eyes were treated to, that’s the best thing about the Harbour Grand, every window in the public areas looks out over the incredible vista of Hong Kong city, even the pool.

The service is impeccable, even when we have a minor issue with water coming out of the bathroom taps, and it’s quickly resolved.

If you’re after an impressive luxury hotel with unrivaled views of the City, this is it. Aside from the minor detail of the room decor, the hotel was everything we expected and so much more.

Find out more and book online on the Harbour Grand website.

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