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Pernod Green Beast Cocktail Recipe

green beast cocktail recipe

The Green Hour was a historic moment in time that has long been forgotten. You may still find Parisians succumbing to the hour, however most do not remember the time when you would spend the hour of 6pm on a rooftop sipping on absinthe. We’re hoping to reawaken that tradition by trying this classic absinthe cocktail recipe created by Charles Vexenat especially for Pernod Absinthe.


1 part Pernod Absinthe
1 part fresh lime juice
1 part sugar syrup
4 parts water
4 thin slices of cucumber per serving


Build all ingredients in a punch bowl over ice and serve as a punch or in an absinthe glass.

The cocktail is a very refreshing drink with just the hint of anise coming through the lime and cucumber. Definitely one to sip on during the summer months with friends!

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