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Absinthe Tasting During London Cocktail Week

absinthe london cocktail week

The bar staff at Le Salon at michelin-starred L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon have set out on a classically-inspired journey in their search for the perfect cocktail to celebrate London Cocktail Week.

Combining the loucheness of the vintage cocktail era with contemporary mixology techniques, their creation, the intriguing ‘Van Gogh in Havana’, contains Pernod Absinthe, Plymouth Gin, sparkling wine, Lillet Vermouth, fresh mint and almond syrup in perfect balance. This original cocktail will only be offered during the Week.

L’Atelier are collaborating with Pernod Ricard to create the cocktail, and will be exhibiting a Pernod Absinthe installation throughout the month of October, showcasing a variety of traditional absinthe glassware, including 2-tap and 4-tap fountains, punchbowls and absinthe pipes.

Join L’Atelier and Pernod Ricard in celebrating the rich history of the famous beverage with an assortment of delicious absinthe cocktails and Belle Epoque-inspired canapés created by L’Atelier’s Executive Head Chef, Xavier Boyer.

Find out more information on their website.

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