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Hakkasan Golden Week Menu

Hakkasan Golden Week Dim Sum

This week Michelin-starred restaurant Hakkasan have quite a special menu, as this week is Golden Week in the Chinese calendar. Although only a week long celebration, Hakkasan are actually prolonging the offering until Saturday 12th October, so you have even longer to take advantage of this delectable set menu.

We started with Hakkasan’s signature Dim Sum platter, the scallops bursting in our mouth full of flavour and texture. Soon after finishing our dim sum, the Peking duck with Hakkasan special reserve ‘Qiandao’ caviar arrived, which was the favourite of the evening. The crunchy duck combined with the caviar was one of those combinations that satisfied immensely, and left us wanting more.

While waiting for the main course we soaked up the atmosphere of the Hanway Place Hakkasan; businessmen were toasting successes while families dined on tables next to them, couples holding hands across the table in the perfectly-lit room. The atmosphere is bustling and sophisticated, as you expect from a Hakkasan Group restaurant. Famed for their classy establishments with even classier clientele.

The mains arrived all in one go, our table filled with steaming hot food and the most immense smells swirling around us. Fried rice with abalone was creamy and flavorsome, the ideal accompaniment to the tender pork belly and light sea bass soup. When satisfyingly full, the plates were swiftly cleared and dessert magically arrived; sesame balls and golden macarons coated in golden glitter.

The Golden Menu at Hakkasan was certainly impressive, and a must if you’re a Chinese food aficionado. The Golden Week menu costs £88.88 per person and is available at Hakkasan’s across the UK, USA, and UAE, until 12th October.

Reservations for Hakkasan Hanway Place can be made via phone (020 7927 7000) or online.

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