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Vertu for Bentley Smartphone

Vertu for Bentley Smartphone

High-end mobile phone brand Vertu have teamed up with Bentley to create the ultimate luxury device. Not only will the Vertu for Bentley Signature Touch smartphone be able to make calls and surf the net, but it will also be able to control every aspect of your Bentley via a specially designed app.

The app will allow you to adjust everything from the climate control inside the car, to the rear blinds and the music, as well as telling you the nearest Bentley dealer. Through a secondary app similar to the ‘Vertu Life’ app, it will even suggest the best journeys to take along roads with stunning scenery. Vertu for Bentley will create a unique sensory experience for Bentley owners, and will be available to purchase in October 2014 at £10,700 ($12,500).

As well as the exclusive price-tag and signature Vertu concierge service, only 2000 Vertu for Bentley phones will be produced, so you can rest assured that this is a true limited addition piece for those who truly believe in the power of the Bentley brand.

The design of the smartphone is swathed in quilted calf-leather, in the classic Bentley shade of Newmarket Tan, and stitched with a diamond pattern. The supple leather is encased in titanium, which features tactile diamond knurling. This detailing on the side rails is complemented by an engine-turned pattern on the handset’s titanium back plate, which opens to reveal the engraved signature of the craftsman who meticulously constructed the phone at Vertu’s headquarters in England.

Every Vertu for Bentley smartphone sports a discrete, metal Bentley ‘B’ wings motif on the face of the handset, and the slip case which accompanies every handset also depicts the Bentley logo, embossed on the Newmarket Tan calf leather.

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