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Home House, London

Home House Club London

Home House has become one of the most famous private members clubs in London. Notorious for their wild parties and celebrity members, Home House is as exclusive as any of the Pall Mall clubs but a world away from their stuffiness and traditional rules.

Housed in three beautiful old Georgian houses on Portman Square just behind Oxford Street, Home House opened it’s doors in 2004, and has a wonderful mix of gorgeous architecture and fun and quirky features inside. While No19 house is the perfect place for high-end dining, No20 is quiet with a beautiful drawing room that serves a selection of food and cocktails, and a number of different bars and the clubs’ accommodation, while the third house, No21, is the more youthful ‘party’ side, with a health and fitness club by day, and darker lighting and a club that features DJ Sets and regular live music by night.

The service is fantastic, the staff are friendly and welcoming, and there’s very much a sense of exclusivity throughout the club. The club is also available for private hire, and they have regular events for members and their guests.

Membership at Home House starts from £840 plus joining fee.

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