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5-Star Sofitel Taba Heights, Egypt

miramar taba heights egypt

The Red Sea is a fantastic choice for a winter holiday in the warmth. Many go to the more touristy and busy Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada, however if you’re looking for something more relaxing, Taba Heights is a breathtaking place. A small beach resort in-between the ocean and Sinai Mountains on the Sinai Peninsula, it has yet to grow to the size and scale of Sharm or Hurghada.

The resort is surrounded by mountains, with the mountains and landscape of Israel and Saudi Arabia visible across the Gulf of Aquaba. The picturesque setting provides the perfect backdrop for the luxury hotels that make up the resort. The Sofitel Taba Heights is one of the five star hotels in Taba Heights, along with the Miramar, Intercontinental, and Marriott.

We arrived at the hotel in the middle of January, the warmth a stark contrast to the sub-zero temperatures back in London. What struck me was the sheer size of the hotel, however the architecture made it a true wow factor rather than an overwhelming tourist trap.

sofitel taba heights egypt

We spent a week in Taba, making full use of the all-inclusive 5* food and drink, lounging by the five dreamy swimming pools and smoking shisha pipes on the beach in Bedouin tents. One day we ventured up into the Sinai Mountains to visit Saint Catherine’s Monastery, which is a trip I would encourage everyone to make. We saw Moses’ burning bush, and the place where the people waited for Moses to return from his 40 day fast, and we saw the real Egypt; Bedouins living in caves and trekking across the mountains and desert on camelback.

From Taba there are plenty of day trips available, from Petra to Israel to Cairo and Luxor. They’re all very expensive, and you don’t get a lot of time in each place to really explore and appreciate it. Taba itself is tiny, a small village at the foot of the Sinai Mountains above the resort hotels.

The Sofitel Taba Heights was the perfect winter getaway, the food was excellent, the massage I had in the spa was the best I’ve ever had, and left me relaxed and too sleepy to even move. The best thing about the hotel though, was the staff. They couldn’t do enough for you, they really did make our stay extra special, and because of that we decided to go all out and tip big. Please do remember to tip the staff who served you during your trip if you feel they deserve it, as they don’t get paid very much so rely on the extra money received for good service.

The bedrooms were lovely, with ours being a ground floor garden room that looked out over the pool area. They were air-conditioned and had all of the necessities and extra comforts expected in a 5* hotel on the beach. The hotels sit literally on the beach, with each having their own section of it, although you can walk down to the other hotels’ beach areas. Snorkelling is best at the Sofitel and Miramar hotel beaches, the ocean crystal clear and the colours and variety of the reef and fish superb. Our trip to Taba Heights was truly an Arabian paradise, and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Rooms available at the Sofitel Taba Heights from £140.

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