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The Ritz Club Jazz Nights

the ritz club bar london

If you’re a member of The Ritz Club or have family or friends who are members, then it is a wonderful place to go for drinks, dinner, or a spot of gambling. They also have some fun events, in particular their monthly Jazz nights.

The club oozes luxury and opulence, and feels very James Bond as you descend down the grand staircase into the subterranean club that’s filled with ornate furnishings everywhere you look. The large mahogany bar is where you would imagine deals to be done and romances to blossom. The Amber room next door to the bar though is where it’s at, as it’s where they hold their regular Jazz and Swing nights.

As my friend sipped on his whisky and I my champagne, we sat at the bar listening to the smooth sounds of Glenn Miller and Frank Sinatra coming through from the room next door, and could have been thrown back in time. The Amber Room was full of guests, nibbling on canapés and dancing around the room to the live music. We arrived late so couldn’t fit in, but were more than happy sitting in the quieter bar with the other members and guests, while others dined in the restaurant to the other side of the bar.

If you’re a member of have a friend who’s a member, find out when the next Jazz and Swing night is and head down for pure nostalgic charm and glamour. Just be warned, the drinks are very pricey.

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